How to Recycle Paper

By: Erika G. , Shelby S. , Elijah B. , & Caleb H.

How to Recycle at Home

Homemade Cards

You can make homemade playing cards by taking used flashcards and using the unused side to mark down the numbers of the cards.


If you have a fire pit or a natural fire you can take the old paper, twist it up, and then light the piece of paper in the fire pit.

Gift Stuffing

You can take shredded up pieces of paper and stuff it in a gift bag.

International Paper Recycling

Recycling Plant

Recycled paper is taken to the recycling plant and then it's separated by different types of paper. It is then washed in soapy water to remove inks, staples, and glue. By mixing the water down paper different products can be made such as cardboard or office paper.

Recycled Cardboard

Recycled cardboard can be made into paper bags, new cardboard, or paperboard(postboard).

Notebook Paper

Notebook paper can be made into tissues, toilet paper, and computer paper.

Computer Paper

Computer paper can be made into paper towels, napkins, and notebook paper.