Team Midwest Top 20%

Tips for the TOP!


Congratulations on making it into our region's top 20% of active merchandisers. What does that mean? It means that your personal sales for this month have got you in the top 20% of all active merchandisers selling for the month of March! It's a small and exclusive group every month so CHEERS to you!

For the following newsletters, we'll be sharing tips and tricks from our top 20% merchies so stay tuned!

Did you know Pinterest is the #1 social media site for small businesses?

Currently C+I is testing different social media platforms for online pop ups and sales. Pinterest is looking like its going to be a strong winner for the top platform. More details will come after all the trial pop ups but get started now brushing up on your Pinterest skills!


You are ALL the best of the best! I would love to be able to share your strategies and tips with the rest of the region! Send them ALL my way so we can feature your best ideas.