Classmate Interview Questions

By Mason

1. His most extreme fear is heights

2. His favorite t-shirt is his John Cena one because he likes watching WWE

3. What Roger will be doing in 20 years is going to be in the military

4. His favorite song is dubstep, its beats and he likes the skrylics one

5. His favorite genre is fantasy and his favorite author is David Bischoff

6. He would be Iron Man for one day because then he could fly

7. He would help his family and he would help them get better things

8. For his 3 wishes his first one would be to get everything for free, have superpowers and be able to talk to god

9. He would hang out with his family and friends for one day

10. He likes Star Wars because he has games of it and likes Darth Vader

11. He would go to Washington to see the president

12. He would stay in Wisconsin when he graduates because he has lived hear for a long time

13. He likes to go to Mcdonalds because they have good food

14. He would see his Grandma from the past and he would say "I really miss you¨