Romeo and Juliet

Scene 1 (Zach Terlep)

Two servants from the Capulet house are talking about how they will fight the Montagues if the Montagues insult them. Two servants from each house start fighting and Benvolio comes in and tries to make peace. Tybalt, a hothead, starts the fight again because he loves to fight. The Prince comes and breaks up the fight. The Prince also tells each house that if there is anymore fighting that they will forfeit their lives. Romeo is being emo because he loves a girl that doesn’t love him back.


Scene 3 (Tyler Sanders)

The nurse has a long talk with Juliet about marriage, sex and about the whole subject with what’s going on with her and Paris. Lady Capulet wants Juliet to marry Paris. He has everything she needs in a guy. Juliet says she wants to get to know him before she decides to marry him. Paris wants for Juliet to be his bride. The nurse also thinks he is also a great man and says “Hes as perfect as if he were sculpted from wax.”