Pump Up Padlet

Looking for New Ways to Use Padlet with Your Students?

If you've been using Padlet in your classroom but you think it's getting a bit boring, here are some ideas to help you Pump Up Padlet for your students.

Hold Students Accountable

Think about how you can help students take ownership and responsibility for their work on Padlet.

Have you tried using a recording page for students where they can record new information they've learned from reading their classmates' posts? Maybe they need to agree or disagree with another students post using evidence from the text they are reading.

How about trying to use Padlet to begin a discussion in your small groups? Students can come to group prepared to discuss their opinions or questions they have based on what they've read on the Padlet.

Have you tried having students upload a photo of their solution to a math problem? They could use their photo to help them explain their thinking to the class.