Alpine Skiing

Winter Olympics 2014

Alpine Skiing

Alpine Notes:,

Alpine Skiing Info: Slide down a hill w/ fixed heel bindings. It started in 1861. There are 4 disciplines, slalom, giant slalom, super giant slalom, and downhill. The U.S uses danger symbols. green is easy, blue is intermediate, black is hard, and two black diamonds means expert only.

Alpine Skiing Rules:

Play on snow

No teams. Just 1 person

You slide down a snowy mountain with you Alpine Board

You have a helmet And glasses when you slide down the snowy hill

You were a skin-tight suits to reduce the air when you slide down the snowy mountain

Alpine Skiing Video:


3 Questions:

1. Do you like alpine skiing after this?

2. If you ever had a chance to be in the Olympics what would you do?

3. Do you like our questions?


ligety, usa, is the world champion at alpine skiing. he likes to play giant slalom.

Created By, Musa Badalov And Joseph Lamouroux I

Alpine Skiing