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Definition: There are two different types of location, absolute location and relative location.

Absolute location is a specific location using address or lattitude and longitude. Relative location is an approximate location using directions or "next to"

The absolute location of Albany, MN is 45.6333° N, 94.5667° W

The relative location of Albany, MN is off of 94-W, about 20 miles Northwest of St. Cloud, next to North Lake.

Photo Citation:,+MN/@45.631263,-94.5831434,13z/data=!4m2!3m1!1s0x52b5adc8245cbc85:0x2c22f8b1841514de

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Definition: An area that is defined by everything in it. Physical features are naturally made things. Human features is what is put in place by humans.

The physical features of my house are the trees, the grass, the swamps, and the flowers.

The relative features of my house are the actual house, the brick wall, the basketball hoop, the driveway, and the sidewalk.


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Human-Environmental Interaction

Definition: How people adapt to, modify, and depend on the environment, it can be negative or positive.

Adapt: Make something suitable for a new use or purpose

Modify: Partial or minor change to something

Depend: rely on something for support or maintenance

I adapt to the environment by wearing warmer clothes in the cold or wearing shoes so feet don't get worn out.

I modify the environment by planting trees or flowers.

I depend on the environment for water and oxygen

Movement: The way that people, goods, ideas, and information move from one place to another

I get from one place to another usually by my parents or siblings driving a car.

I have a shirt(s) that is from china.

I communicate mostly by phone calls or texts.


Definition: An area defined by certain and unifying characteristics

Physical unifying characteristic: Mississippi River, plains, and good farm soil

Human unifying characteristic: Mount Rushmore.


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