Macquarie Island

Elephant Seals

Facts- Elephant Seals/History

Elephant Seals are the largest seal in the world and is endangered in the Southern Hemisphere and extinct in the Northern Hemisphere due to sealers. It's special name is Mirounga and were hunted for their oil and fur. The past 200 years, a number of invasive invertebrates, mammals and birds were newly introduced to Macquarie Island. The Australian and Tasmanian government, paid half of the cost to solve the money but , the Tasmanian government didn't paid the money so they had a debate.

Introduce animals/Solutions

Introduce animals had a big negativity impact in Macquarie Island since they had destroy the habitat. In 2011 the aerial baiting started to dispatch all the pest. Unsuccessfully, native animals was involve in the baiting and sadly died. Later, in the future, the problems was solve.

Pictures of Problem

Macquarie Island-Facts

Macquarie Island lies southwest of the Pacific Ocean, just between Tasmania and Antarctica. Macquarie Island is the only island that is made out of crust and rocks. It was known as a World Heritage Site at 1997.

Why Sealers kill elephant seal?

Sealers kill elephant seal because they want to get their fur and oil. They need oil for transport and more things, but they their fur is what's important to them. It is because, they can make clothes for the Winter.