Nitrogen + Hydrogen

Mercedes Carrasco

Type of Reaction

This reaction can be known as synthesis

Balanced Equation

N2 + 3H2 → 2NH3

Molar Masses:

N: 28.014 H: 2.016 NH: 17.031

Mole to Mole Conversions

For the first reactant (N) the given was 11.30 and I was to find how many moles is needed for H.

11.30 molN2 * 3 molH2 /(1 molN2) = 33.9 MolsH2

Then we to find 12.2 mols for the second product.

12.1 molH2 *1 molN2/(3 molH2) = 4.03 molN2

Mass to Mass Conversions

Next, I took my birthday which is May 24th and I used that as a given.

5.24g N2* 1 molN2*2 molNH3*17.031 gNH3 /(28.014 gN2 *1 molN2 * 1 maolNH3) =6.37 gNH3

Limiting and Excess Reactant

The Given for the first reactant was 5.25g, and for the second reactant react 12.18g.

(LR) 5.25 gN2*1 molN2 *2 molNH3*17.031 gNH3/(28.014 gN2*1 molN2*1 molNH3) = 6.28 gNH3

(ER) 12.18 gH2*1 molH2*2 molNH3*17.031 gNH3/(2.016g H2*3 molH2*1 molNH3)= 68.59 gNH3

Theoretical Yield

The lower amount of the Limiting and Excess reactants which came out to be 6.38 gNH3

Percent Yield:13/6.38 =203%

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