Trenndz CO.

Come Become A Trendsetter

Our shop sells all the latest trends and more. . Never a disappointment!

At our shop you will find just about everything. Shirts, Hoodies, Sweatshirts; Pants, Leggings, Tights; Heels, Boots, Sneakers; Jewelry, etc. But, it'll be things similar to what you see celebrities are wearing. Also, we offer a station where you can choose between razor or waxed eyebrows and a makeup counter. Leave the store ready to hit the streets. A part of helping our community "Go Green" we are now accepting a paying for old clothing to create a masterpiece (article of clothing) to sell. :)

Sneak Peek of a few things we have.

What Type of Business We Are

We are a partnership, which means that this store is operated and owned by two or more people. I decided to go with a partnership instead of going solo because I am operating a store and it would be hard to operate it on my own. Also, with a partnership I believe I will be able to bring in more people and product.

Advantages of a Partnership

  • Raise more money to grow our store by borrowing or/and adding more partners
  • No corporate income tax
  • Range of talents are brought to the business
  • All partners are responsible for all business debts

Disadvantages of a Partnership

  • Business partners can be liable for the actions of the other partner- In this case you understand what you are getting into and before any actions are taken everyone apart of the business must come together and agree/disagree on the issue.
  • Profits are shared- All profits will be shared equally among up
  • Disagreements may occur, have to be flexible- Disagreements come with any decision, majority will rule and all sides will be heard.
  • Problems may occur if one person wants to leave the business- If they want to leave the business they MUST give a 4 week notice so we can hire/ find other partners.

Responsibility to address employees’ concerns and create a quality working environment for employees.

We will have a labor union because I will have a group of workers, that I know I will be able to trust and who has been in this type of business someway. Also, a union shop because I don't believe in saying in order for me to hire you, you have to join this union. But, if you are hired you have to join the union in order to be organized and successful.