Spring 2015

CCRC Video Proposal

We really focused our entire project on working with the CCRC and creating a promotional video that really represented and exemplified everything that the recovery center stands for!

Through our project we were able to provide a way for the organization to potentially grow in size and increase available spots in their ministry. This reality enhances the community by offering aid to those who struggle with addictions and who are looking for a safe haven to redirect their lives. It was a privilege to hear the stories of the men in this program and showcase their journeys and how the recovery center has helped them. For the rest of our BIG PICTURE, please click the button below and read about our impactful journey with CCRC.

Behind the Scenes

The project went very smoothly throughout the semester. Towards the beginning of the semester, there were difficulties in being able to communicate and get together with both the members and the representatives of Cross Central Church simply due to various schedules. Our team decided to utilize the benefits of the GroupMe application. GroupMe is a mobile phone group messaging application that is owned by Microsoft and is used to be able to communicate with multiple people at a time. This application was perfect for our group since it is not limited to any particular mobile phone operating system. Meeting times were usually discussed through GroupMe or after class times. Meetings would be held in the evenings within the time frame of seven o’clock to ten o’clock in the first floor of the Evans Library. At meetings, we would discuss the progression of the project, plan future meeting times and places, assign responsibilities to members, and get to know each other just a little more. Seldom was it that a group member would miss meetings. Absence from group meetings was usually a result of either illness or emergency. After a long-awaited meeting, Logan and Christina got to sit down with Abel (last name), the director of the recovery center, at Lupa’s Coffee Shop to discuss what they needed the video to look like. Abel became highly enthused with the bold idea and strongly supported and encouraged our group to pursue our goal. Logan, Christina, Joshua, and Mark were able to visit the recovery center in order to meet those enrolled at the center and gather material for the film. They spent about 2-3 hours at the center. During that time, they were able to meet with members of the program, tour the facility, observe the daily routines and prayer times, and also listen to the members’ stories.

[Some documentation of communication between the group and representatives of the recovery center was lost due to the loss of a teammate’s mobile phone while on a trip in Austria.]


Promotional Video created for Cross Central Recovery Center.