Breathe In, Breathe Out

Judy Wiebe

How overpopulation affects our air quality and the ozone layer..

I have been working on a project about overpopulation and how it affects the air quality and the ozone layer. It is almost like a cycle. Humans drive vehicles and build industries, this causes pollution. Pollution is any substance in the air that is harmful. By putting dangerous toxins into the air, our air quality is being harmed. Pollution is also destroying the ozone layer. The ozone layer protects us from harmful amounts of sunlight. Without it we wouldn't be able to go outside and avoid burning our skin. Thankfully there are ways to further prevent this from happening. We can walk more than driving, we can stop cutting down trees and protect our forests, we can quit having bonfires, we can take our trash to specific dump sites, we can use smokeless fuels, and we can limit the amount of factories and industries we build and use. Together we can help protect our air quality and the ozone layer by changing little things in our lives.

This is the research I have done over my topic:

Here are my two pamphlets with additional information:

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Questionnaire Results:

In conclusion..

As I have researched my topic and looked at my questionnaire results, I have come to the conclusion that people do not realize how easy it is to pollute our air. Although we have already caused destruction to the ozone layer and the air quality, there are many simple ways to prevent this from further happening. We can all do little things to help such as, walking more often than driving, limiting the amounts of industries and factories we operate, and we can protect our forests by not cutting down trees.