6th Grade Technology

By: Abe Gingle

Haiku Deck

  • Also you get to share about your future and what you want to be when you go up.
  • you get to tell everyone about what you are interested in.
  • I think this this unit was a lot of fun because you got to present it.


  • In this you got to share about your family vacation.
  • Also you got to share what you do outside of school.
  • You got to include pictures and text.

Learn to Type

  • In this it helped you learn how to type.
  • This teaches you how to do home row keys.
  • It also is very fun typing and racing for first on the score boards.

Career Locker

  • This unit helped you to get a look at what you might what to become some day.
  • It gave you a look at how much salary you can get from the job.
  • Also we also got to read about the job.


  • Coding helped you problem solve what had to be done.
  • Coding was a helpful program were you put blocks together to make you guy run on the path
  • I thought this unit was very fun because it challenged you.

Explain Everything

  • In this unit you got to show people how to solve a math problem.
  • Also in this unit you got to show of your math skills.
  • And you got to use you voice to explain the problem.