Buy a Hydrogen Car!

By: Megan Fietz

Why Should You Buy a Hydrogen Car?

You should buy a hydrogen car because they are great for the environment! They are by how they only produce water vapor, CO2 is not produced, can take a car twice as far than a car using regular gas, hydrogen can be obtained from a lot of different resources, and are quieter than other cars that run on gasoline.

Hydrogen Fuel VS. Gasoline

Hydrogen is 90% efficient while gasoline is only 60% efficient. That is a huge difference between gasoline and hydrogen. Hydrogen can be reused while gasoline is burnt and cannot be reused for millions for years. That means that hydrogen is not only good for the environment once but lots of times because it can be reused.

Information on Hydrogen Cars

  • They will be good for then environment once we start using them in our daily lives.
  • They get their fuel from water and only produce water vapor.
  • Way better than gasoline cars.
  • Everybody wants one but cannot get one.

What is Hydrogen?

The gas is number one on the periodic table. Nearly all hydrogen is made from natural gas. Burns nearly pollution- free. When burned it turns into water vapor and heat. compressed hydrogen contains less energy per volume compared to gasoline and other gases. Hydrogen can be created into liquid.

Hydrogen Cars