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  1. Preparing for Professional Learning Communities Round #2
  2. Wellness Wednesday
  3. New Teacher Meeting 11/19/2015
  4. Common Curriculum
  5. Dreambox
  6. FLCS
  7. Jr. High
  8. Sr. High
  9. High Marq
  10. Grading for Learning

Preparing for Professional Learning Communities Round #2 beginning in December!

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Wellness Wednesday

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New Teacher Meeting 11/19/2015

The new teachers in the Montello School District met on Thursday of this week. During that time the teachers discussed Grading for Learning and having a Growth Mindset over a Fixed Mindset. Below is a video by Dr. Carol Dweck discussing the power of believing in yourself.

Common Curriculum

What is Common Curriculum?

Common Curriculum is the first truly collaborative lesson planner, built by teachers specifically for schools and districts that want to make collaboration and planning a breeze.

How do schools and districts use Common Curriculum?

Lesson Feedback

  • Common Curriculum makes it a cinch to keep up with your teachers’ lesson plans. You can see all your teachers’ lessons in the same place and even leave them real-time comments on their plans.


  • Do your special educators need to modify their teammates’ plans? Do you have grade-level teams that need to plan together? With Common Curriculum your teachers can write lessons together in real time from any computer.

Professional Learning Communities

  • Teachers love using Common Curriculum to share lesson ideas. Any teacher at your school can borrow lessons or units from any other teacher with just one click.

Anything else I should know?

  • Each account comes with unlimited professional development and training from our team (we were teachers, so we speak your language). Plus you and your teachers own every lesson you write in Cc and you can always export them at any time. If you want to learn about Cc’s story you can check it out at.


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Forest Lane Community School

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Junior High

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I am Malala

The 8th grade in the Junior High has just started reading the book I am Malala by Malala Yousafzi as part of the Global Read-Aloud 2015.

Senior High School

Working with the High School Chemistry class!

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High Marq Environmental Charter School

MacKenzie Environmental Education Center

High Marq students traveled back to MacKenzie Environmental Education Center again today to begin work and plan for the display eagle's nest for the center. Students took measurements and make sketches of the tree stump that will have a platform surrounding it for students to look inside the giant eagle's nest. Students also hiked a few of the trails at MacKenzie, including removing brush from a trail that High Marq might adopt in the near future. When students returned to the school, they worked together as a school to choose lead field teams for our year's major projects. Then, the afternoon was spent researching for their unique projects, especially to brainstorm ideas and help to lead future field days! Enjoy the pictures below!
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Rick Wormeli: Standards-Based Grading