By Reilly Reagan

1. Country Basics

1. The name of my country is Estonia. 2. The capital of my country is Tallinn. 3. The colors of my flag are (from top to bottom) Blue for the sky then Black for the soil then White for the purity of the people.
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2. Geography

1. My country is located in Europe and bordered by Latvia and Russia. 2. The major landform that is not water, in Estonia is MT Annerank. 3. Some major landmarks (man made) in Estonia are St Nicholas's Church, Hermann Castle and Haapsalu Castle. 4. Some of the major bodies of water are Lake Varts Jarv, The Gulf of Riga, and the Gulf of Finland. 5. Their environment effects them by the Acid Rains that they sometimes have.

3. Government

1. The type of government that Estonia has is a Parliamentary government. 2. The leader of Estonia is Toomas Hendrik Ilves. 3. The leaders of Estonia are chosen by election. 4. Some of the rights, roles and responsibilities of the people in Estonia are things like all men must serve one year in the military and woman are expected to defer to men, even when male views are seen as wrong.

4. Economy

1. The country of Estonia is fairly rich not poor or very rich. 2. The currency of Estonia is the Euro. 3. The main exports of Estonia are raw and refined petroleum. 4. The average life expectancy of an Estonian is 76.43 years while the birth rate is 10.29. The literacy rate of Estonia is 99.8% and some of the main water sources are lake peipsi and the Gulf of Finland.

5. Culture

1. The traditional clothing of Estonia is best described as baggy sleeved woolen clothing, but the clothing they wear today is a lot like what we wear here. 2. The major language of Estonia is Estonian, pretty easy to figure out. 3. Some major Holidays in Estonia are Boxing day, Christmas Day and Christmas Eve. 4. The largest % of the population of Estonia has no religion. 5. The most recognizable delicacies of Estonia are Marzipan and Kalev.

6. Climate

1. The general weather conditions In Estonia are 64°f and humid. 2. The average yearly rainfall in Estonia is about 45mm. 3. The average yearly temperature in Estonia is 64°f. 4. The climate of Estonia helps it's people gather resources because during the winter the water forms an ice bridge that helps travel between the mainland and the islands.

7. History

1. Two of the most important events in Estonian history were that in 1561 Sweden gained control of Estonia which may have effected their traditions and language. In 1918-1920 Estonia fought for it's independence against the Russian empire and won it's independence which effects the way people worship and what they believe.

8. Compare and Contrast

1. Their religion is very different in Estonia because most of the people there have no religion. Though here in the U.S.A. most people have a religion but the type may vary. The economy of Estonia is a lot different as well because our currency is the Dollar while the currency of Estonia is the Euro. 2. A few similarities between Estonia and The U.S. are that they both have a limited government, they both hold elections to chose our leaders, they both celebrate Christmas and we both have some foods that you can only get there. A few differences between the U.S. and Estonia are most people in Estonia don't have a religion, we don't have the same language, not all men here have to serve in the military and we don't have the same leader.