3A: A Week at a Glance

week ending December 12, 2014

A Note from Mrs. Adams

What a crazy week, with preparation for Student-Led Conferences, an early dismissal, and a day off of school! December sure is flying by quickly!

Just a few reminders:

Please remember to sign your child's agenda on a nightly basis.

If your child forgets his/her agenda or is absent, the homework is always posted on my eboard. The direct link is: dadams.haddonfield.site.eboard.com

Monday, December 15th is an Early Dismissal with evening conferences

Tuesday, December 23rd is an Early Dismissal, leading us straight into winter break

Thanks for all of your positive feedback about our weekly blog! One of these days, your children will be writing the articles!!!

Have a great weekend!

Hour of Code

hour of code video

We Created an HOUR OF CODE!

Is your child interested in learning how to write code to create video games or computer programs? It's never too early to learn! We learned a little bit of what it takes to write our own code by going to code.org/learn and playing with different creations. We had to work with the necessary steps of code in order to make an Angry Bird move toward the pig, or the right code to make an animal move in a circle or meow like a cat. Feel free to check it out over the weekend. I'm unsure if this site will be available after Monday, but you're always welcome to go on with your child for as long as it lets you! Have fun creating your own video game, animated card, or interactive designs!

Reader's Theater

This week, we performed a Reader's Theater called "The Farmer and the Dream". To make it more exciting, I had them perform the skit in the APR on the stage. They definitely got a kick out of this, but due to the high ceilings, it made it more difficult to hear them. Hopefully the videos are able to be heard! I am attaching each performance as a separate video so you can choose to watch one (or all!) Enjoy!
Reader's Theater Group 1
Reader's Theater Group 2
Reader's Theater Group 3
Reader's Theater Group 4