Solar Nebula Theory

By: Blair Barnett


What is the Solar Nebula theory?

It is the most widely accepted model explaining the formation of our solar system. At first it was said to only be true for our single solar system. Now, it is considered to be the theory for how all of the universe was created and formed.

What does the SNT state?

SNT states that our solar system was made from a nebula cloud made from a collection of dust and gas. Planetismals began to grow from clumps slamming into each other around our early sun. As gravity does with everything, it began to condense the gas into varying regions of density. The denser regions began to grow into clumps of matter, which over the course of time would be the seeds for the formation of our sun, planets and moons. As gravity condensed the gas, rotation of the gas increased, spreading the gas cloud into a rotating disk that would form the plane of the Solar System as we know it today. Evidence of this can be seen because all of the planets revolve around the sun in the same plane and direction.

Who developed the SNT?

Gorges Lemaitre

When was the SNT established?


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This is what planet formation may have looked like.