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Happenings in Mrs. Paluch's Class!

February 1, 2016

Ozzie Reading

1st Base is due!!!

This Tuesday is Take Your Teacher to Dinner at Fore! Family Fun @ 6:30. It's not too late to let me know if you are joining us!

Curriculum Information

ELA- (English/Language Arts)

Unit 2 Module A

Compare and contrast The Year of Miss Agnes, The Athabascans.

and The Frog Princess.

Reading Essential Question: How do readers use evidence from texts to understand what they read?

Writing Essential Question: How do writers include character dialogue and actions to affect the events in a story?

Focus This Week:

  • Compare the key details in all three stories and see how they are alike and different.
  • Compare and contrast how relationships within a community are affected by culture and traditions.
  • Compare and contrast the actions, motivations and feelings of characters across these texts.

Foundational Skills: Contractions


  • Students will revise and edit their narrative on the extension of The Frog Princess. They will then publish and present their narrative to classmates.


  • Continue to produce compound sentences, combining two simple sentences using coordinating conjunctions.

Performance Based Assessment (PBA)

For this assessment students will use what they know about narrative writing to write what might occur after the end of The Year of Miss Agnes.

Students will:

  • Introduce the narrator and characters
  • Include a clear sequence of events
  • Use temporal words and phrases to signal the order of events
  • Use dialogue and character actions that impact the events
  • Provide a conclusion


Lessons this week:

  • Area of Rectangles
  • Hands-On: Area and the Distributive Property
  • Area of Composite Figures

Homework This Week

Monday 2/1- 13.6

Tuesday 2/2- 13.7

Wednesday 2/3- none

Thursday 2/4- 13.8


We will begin our 3rd science unit, Water. The children will investigate the properties of water, how water moves and surface tension.

Social Studies

Daniel Boone

  • We are learning all about Daniel Boone's travels on the Wilderness Road. We will also read about what life was like for him in his older years. We will continue to add information to our interactive book about Daniel Boone!

Important Dates

  • Feb. 2- Take Your Teacher to Dinner Night! Fore! Family Fun 6:30
  • Feb. 5- Box Tops Due
  • Feb. 5- Book Orders Due!
  • Feb. 11- Jump Rope for Heart
  • Feb.12- Donations for our class basket for the Fun Fair Basket Fundraiser due! . Our basket theme is "Chef"
  • Feb. 16- Ozzie Reading 2nd Base Due
  • Feb. 19- Fun Fair! 5:30-8:30 Sign-up to volunteer by Feb. 1
  • Feb. 19- 6 Flags Reading Incentive Due!
  • Feb. 29-Ozzie Reading 3rd Base Due
  • March 14- Ozzie Reading Home Run! Due
  • Don't forget to send in any old/broken crayons. Home and School is collecting them for a Valentine's Day project!

Take Your Teacher to Dinner Night!

Tuesday, Feb. 2nd, 6:30pm

1505 Mitchell Drive

Oswego, IL

Dear Parents,

I have signed up for a class night out at Fore! Family Fun! The night is called “Take Your Teacher to Dinner”. On the night of the event everybody plays a round of mini golf and then sits down to dinner together. This night serves as a fun social night for the entire classroom and all of our families. In addition, Fore! Family Fun donates 50% of the mini golf fees on the night of the event back to our classroom in the form of a gift card to the Chalkboard. The gift card will be used to purchase school supplies that we need for our classroom.

The night is optional, of course, but it should be a great night of fun for the entire class. If you have any questions about the event please don’t hesitate to ask.

I will send out an email and sheet with more information and an RSVP.

I'm looking forward to playing some golf and eating pizza!

Mrs. Paluch

Message from Home and School

Hello Prairie Point Families!

Our newsletter, the Panther Press, now comes in a NEW format on a WEEKLY basis. The newsletter is a short, one-stop shop for all information, flyers, and reminders, and will eliminate as much as possible random email. Each Friday, you will receive an email with a link to the newsletter. The link will also be posted on our Prairie Point Home and School Facebook Page, as well as archived on our school website. (Please note, if you are accessing the newsletter on your phone or tablet, it is easier to open flyers/forms if you download the free dropbox app.)

The Home and School organization is in need of more parent volunteers (100+) to make Fun Fair a success. If you are able to help out, please let them know!