News from the 'View

Skyview Upper Elementary School

Skyview Community Building - Pet Parade

One spirit day we all wish we could have is a "bring your pet to school" day! Join in the Skyview Pet Parade this week! Share a photo of you and your pet(s) (real or stuffed animal!) Send photos to Mrs. Gorla at by WEDNESDAY 4/22 to be included in the Skyview virtual pet parade video!

Special Areas - clarification

The Skyview Special Areas (Art, Music, Health, Physical Education, Library, Computer Literacy, Tech Ed and Instrumental Music) develop and post a weekly option menu for students. This menu contains a wide array of activities for students to choose from - there is something for everyone on this list! We encourage students to select at least two activities throughout the week, however there are not mandatory requirements and work does not need to be turned in for these. At times, the special area teachers may ask for you to send a photo in - these will be used in upcoming newsletters and on the Skyview website.

The weekly Skyview Special Areas Option Menu is posted on the Skyview website. Teachers have been asked to include a link to this in their google classrooms as well.

Virtual Instruction

Handling virtual learning looks different across households. Some days everything goes smoothly and other days it is like a roller coaster! Our goal is to be able to support our students and families as we continue learning and growing together.

  • Office Hours - each of the Skyview teachers has designated "office hours." These are definite times that they are available - for students to get an immediate response. Please know that staff check (and respond to) their email throughout the "school" day.
  • The district has developed a Remote Learning Guide - click here
  • What is asynchronous learning? Asynchronous refers to communications or instruction not existing or happening at the same time. This type of environment allows students an opportunity to complete work within a flexible time frame.

  • My child has the exact same work in Science as a student on a different team - why is this? Skyview teachers are collaborating in instructional planning groups. Your child may "hear" a voice over or "see" a recorded presentation by a teacher other than his/her own. The teachers are working together to ensure they continue instruction based on approved MSD curriculum and state standards. In addition to instructional planning, staff are learning about new technology and means to present to and engage students.