Tech Tip #11 - LDA

October 17, 2014 - BEST District

LDA - What you need to know!

The process of starting Locally Developed Assessments (LDA) has begun. Like most teachers, you probably feel stressed and overwhelmed. Here are just a few reminders. First, the template to fill out is on the teacher portal, but I have included it as a link below. Second, you will not submit your LDA Template, complete with data, until the END of the school year. Third, remember you will only have to fill this template out twice a year - now and at the end of the year when you have administered your LDA a second time.

Step 1 - Download the Template

Once you download this Excel Spreadsheet, input course information and student names. Note, the cells turn red if only partial names are entered. All names should be entered in a First Last format - example: Chuck Pagano.
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Step 2 - Enter Scores

For each student and for each question you will need to enter a 1 or 0 to record whether the student got that question correct or incorrect. If you have questions that are worth more than one point, you will need to the number of points the student received. For example, if Item #2 is worth 5 points of which the student got 3 - you would enter a 3.
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Step 3 - Enter Points Possible.

Enter the total number of points possible. Once you do this note the percentages are calculated for you.
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Step 4 - Saving

Save as LDA_1415-first.lastname. For example, LDA_1415-daniel.watson. Put a hyphen between the 1415 and your first name. Save this somewhere on your computer or in the cloud, and print out a hard copy. You will not submit your LDA until the end of the year when this same LDA is administered to students again.
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Need More Assistance?

Don't hesitate to contact Katie Patchin, Christine Hille, or me. We would be more than happy to assist you!

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