Wylie Classical Conversations

Thanks for letting me share with you about CC!

It was so nice to see y'all again last night! Thank you for taking the time to meet with me to discuss opportunities to be supported and encouraged as part of the Classical Conversations of Wylie community. We are a community with a mission to know God and make Him known as we walk through this home school journey together. CC Wylie uses classical tools and a Christ-centered world view to equip and encourage parents and students ages Pre K4 through high school graduation.

Please visit our website at ccwylie.com and also take a minute to browse the registration forms and program information, and check out the videos below for each of the three levels of programs available in Classical Conversations. (FYI, the Foundations video below is about 5 years old and they are using the old timeline, so the cards look different.) CC also has a YouTube channel with lots more content.

Resources needed:

You'll need Foundations Guide - there is only one book for Foundations. It contains all 3 cycles, and a tin whistle.

The CDs with all the memory work and songs on them are nice to have. You can also get an app that has visual elements with the memory work. We enjoy having this to review with.

For Essentials, you'll need the Essentials Guide, the IEW Guide, and the Medieval History Based Writing book. There is also a teacher's version of the History Based Writing book, but it's not required. The writing book contains the source texts we use for our papers. The Trivium Tables (Charts and Quid Et Quo) are nice to have, but not required. These are charts that are in the guide, but in the Trivium Tables, they are laminated and easy to pull out and refer to often.

Materials can be purchased through the CC online bookstore.

CC Starts August 25th!

The forms may be mailed to or dropped off at my house at 1400 Anchor Dr. in Wylie. Checks should be made out to Randa Clay. All fees are listed on the registration forms except the facility fee, which I mentioned, that is $50 per child with a family max of $100 per program.

Thank you and please feel free to contact me any time with questions!

Welcome to Classical Conversations!
Homeschooled Elementary: Classical Conversations Foundations Program
Homeschooled Language Arts: Classical Conversations Essentials Program
Homeschooled High School: Classical Conversations Challenge Program