9th Grade College and Career

Quarter 2 Meeting - November 30, 2015

Making Career Cruising Work for YOU!

Students were introduced to Career Cruising in 8th grade, but today we discussed how Career Cruising will be a great resource to them throughout high school. Here are some highlights:

  1. Activities Record: Students were shown how, and given a few minutes to record all the activities, awards, teams, clubs, volunteer hours, and work experience that they have participated in starting their freshman year. Students were encouraged to keep this as a running record, and update it every year. By staying on top of this record, students will have a much easier time when it comes time to fill out job applications, apply to colleges, create a resume, and apply for scholarships.
  2. College/Career Information: Students were shown where and how to find a wealth of information about careers (requirements, pay, training, skills needed) and colleges (requirements, cost, majors, ect.).
  3. Interest inventories: Students were shown how to, and took their first interest inventory of high school. These are short questions about subjects the student likes, working conditions the student wants to be in, and skills the students would like to use in a career. At the end of the inventory, students were given a list of careers they might like based on their answers.

Parents: Students have access to their own Career Cruising account, where all of the information they are interested can be saved. Encourage your student to show you their account and begin talking about possibilities after high school!

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Quarter 3 - Creating a 4-Year Plan based on a Career Choice