Blissy Silk Pillow Cover Review

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Some people think that having a silk pillow cover is all about luxury. But the truth is, sleeping on a silk pillow cover has a lot of benefits, including less frizzy hair, softer and clearer skin, and more. Another good thing about them is that they are hypoallergenic and natural, which makes them beneficial not only for your face but as well as with your skin. One that is becoming popular today is the Blissy Silk Pillow Cover and we will talk more about it below.

What Is Blissy Silk Pillow Cover

Blissy Silk Pillow Cover is one of the best pillow covers in the market today. In has an OEKO-TEX Standard 100, which is known to the standard for silk fabrics all over the world. It is also packed with 100 years of silk, which means that it will provide you with the benefits that you are looking for in a silk.

One of the best things about the Blissy Silk Pillow Covers is that it is hypoallergenic since its very natural. This pillow cover is the current favorite of beauty experts, hairstylists, and supermodels all over the world. In fact, even dermatologists are recommending the Blissy Silk Pillow Cover to their patients for a clearer and smoother skin.

Why Do I Need This Pillow Cover

Silk may be considered as a luxury because of its price, but it also has a lot of benefits as mentioned above. Remember that your face always comes in contact with your pillow cover than anything else. That is why it is essential to choose a fabric that won’t hurt your skin and something that is not absorbent. Using the Blissy Silk Pillow Cover will help the moisture to stay in your face, keeping it hydrated while you’re asleep.

Also, using silk is beneficial for your hair because it has the power to help reduce the friction on your hair, which can, in turn, cause damages. Unlike with other pillow cases that use other fabrics, the hair can get tangled and pulled all through the night. If you want to take care of your crowning glory, then the Blissy Silk Pillow Cover is perfect for you.

Benefit Of Using A Silk Pillow Cover


Silk is known to have hypoallergenic properties, which can resist mold, fungus, and dust mites. It can also help prevent other types of allergen that can usually develop in other pillow cover fabrics.

Reduced Exposure With Chemicals

We are all exposed to different kinds of chemicals each day, and it would be nice to have a break when sleeping. The best thing about silks is that they are produced by silk worms and no other predators with little to no exposure to the chemical. Unlike other fabrics that are exposed to herbicides and pesticides, silk doesn’t have those.

Keeps The Face Healthy

Sleeping on a silk pillow case can help maintain the freshness of your face. Some people tend to ignore the fabric of their pillow covers, but choosing one that is beneficial like silk is important. You will be surprised by how your face looks glowing, healthy, and refreshed every morning.

Reduced Split Ends

Silk has a smooth surface and this means that your hair will experience less friction that can cause damages, including split ends. It will also keep your hair under control no matter how much you toss and turn in your sleep.

Blissy Silk Pillow Cover Rating And Recommendation

We want to provide you with the most accurate information about Blissy Silk Pillow Cover, so we decided to test it out. We need to make sure that we are giving you advice based on our experiences so we decided to test it out.

We divided our editors into two groups, wherein group A will try out the Blissy Silk Pillow Cover, while group B will use a different fabric. Both groups will continue using the pillowcases for two weeks.

After two weeks, group A showed clearer and smoother skin and based on their observation, there were no tangled and pulled hair on their pillowcases. The silk pillow case felt better on their skin that they vowed never to switch to any fabric again. Group B, on the other hand, showed more pulled hair and tangled ones. Their face looks clogged, because of the rough texture that their usual pillow case has.

All these means that group A showed improvements, not only with their skin but as well as with their hair and the quality of their sleep. That’s just how great Blissy Silk Pillow Cover is.

Features Of Blissy Silk Pillow Cover

  • Reduced wrinkles
  • Improved sleep quality
  • Glowing skin
  • Better hair
  • Highest Grade 22-Momme Silk 6A
  • Body temperature regulator
  • Gentle on the hair compared with cotton
  • Helps the skin to retain moisture
  • Non-irritating, Anti-bacterial, and Hypoallergenic
  • Anti dust mites
  • Anti bed head
  • Anti sleep crease
  • Anti aging due to 43% less friction compared with cotton
  • 100% pure mulberry 22-Momme silk

Blissy Silk Pillow Cover Reviews

Based on the reviews that we have seen, the majority of them can attest that Blissy Silk Pillow Cover is surely beneficial for them. People with fine thin hair no longer have to worry about frizzy and tangled hair. It also helps them to prevent hair loss, because of how gentle it is on their hair.

A lot are also amazed by the quality of the pillow, which makes the purchase very worth it. In fact, some people purchased more than two pillow cases for their other pillows. These reviews surely mean that Blissy Silk Pillow Cover is a great investment.

Where Can I Order Blissy Silk Pillow Cover

You can directly order on the Blissy Silk Pillow Cover website. Currently, they are offering discounts for purchases two or more. You can also checkout the different sizes of the pillow cover, depending on the size of your pillow. You can pay for your purchase through your Credit Card or PayPal. The site is SSL encrypted so you don’t have to worry about anything.

Supplier Of The Product

Blissy Silk Pillow Cover is based in Burbank, California with the following address:

Blissy LLC

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12th Floor

Burbank, California 91505



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