Clinton Middle School Newsletter - September 17, 2021

Dear Wildcat Family,

We live in an era where technology provides our students with seemingly unlimited opportunities. However, technology can also create roadblocks at times.

This week, our school and many others around the country dealt with a viral TikTok trend where students vandalized school property and shared this with people from around the world.

I want to be clear that our students at Clinton Middle School are the best in the state of South Carolina. On a day-to-day basis, the majority of our students demonstrate excellence in their effort, a commitment to performing in the classroom, and a devotion to making Clinton Middle School the very best! However, a small number of students, even when not realizing it, can create havoc.

Please talk to your student about our expectations and your expectations for their behavior while at school. We have phenomenal parents! I know that you would not allow your child to destroy your property at home. Please tell them the same expectation holds true while at school.

Also, let me encourage you to monitor the technology your student has access to, with a particular emphasis on their cell phone. If your child has access to social media platforms, monitor what they see, what they post, and who they interact with.

If our world is moving more in the direction of a reliance on social media, let's all use it for good. Instead of engaging in trends that destroy property or tear down others, let's use it to invest in others, promote kindness, and build up our school and community.

You should know as a parent that as we approach the week ahead, we will not take the vandalism of our school lightly. Students who engage in these acts will be suspended out-of-school and will be responsible for the financial costs associated with the damage that is done.

Thank you for your help as we all work to make Clinton Middle School a better place!

Jeff Parks



Monday, September 20 - Interim Reports Distributed

Monday, September 20 - Wildcat Academy Begins

Monday, September 20 - Volleyball Game vs. Westview, 5:00pm

Wednesday, September 22 - Volleyball Game @ Northside, 5:00pm

Thursday, September 23 - Band Instrument Rental, 4:00pm - 6:00pm

Thursday, September 23 - Football Game @ Westview, 5:00pm

Monday, September 27 - Volleyball Game vs Brewer, 5:00pm

Thursday, September 30 - Football Game vs. Northside, 5:00pm


Many people would be surprised to know that our very own principal, Mr. Parks, teaches a class here a CMS everyday. In addition to the many responsibilities that go along with being the principal of an amazing school, he also teaches an AP Human Geography course. The 8th grade students in this class are actively engaged on a daily basis and will receive high school credit, and potentially college credit, for completing the course. Great job by these students and Mr. Parks!


We recently observed some amazing learning in Mrs. Meadors' 7th grade math class. Solving real-world problems is an important part of the seventh grade state standards. The class was using a strategy that they were introduced to last week. Students worked in groups to solve the problems and then one person from each group presented the explanation of the solution using the strategy. The strategy is so effective, we wanted to share it with all of our Wildcats!

Strategy to Solve Math Word Problems

  1. Read the problem twice.

  2. Underline the numbers.

  3. Circle the important words.

  4. Ask, “What is it asking me to do?”

  5. Brainstorm strategies that you might use to help you.

  6. Set up the problem with the chosen strategy.

  7. Solve and label the answer as needed.

  8. Ask, “Did I answer the question being asked and is my answer reasonable?”


Congratulations to the Clinton Middle Volleyball team who kicked off their season opener this week with a big win against JET Middle School on Monday. On Wednesday, they took our first loss of the season against Meriwether in North Augusta. It was a close game thanks to serving streaks from Ella Kate Haupfear, A'Niyla Grant, Kendra Smith, and Alyssa Young. These same players also helped score the win over JET on Monday along with serving streaks from Kelly Hanks, Kyndall Waters, and Carlee Nabors. Great job, Wildcats!

The CMS football team opened their season on Thursday at Brewer. The Wildcats kept it close until late in the 4th quarter. The game was impressive for the squad especially considering that they have had limited practices due to quarantines and extreme heat. The defense had a solid performance and the team looks forward to traveling to Westview next Thursday.


The CMS Fall Book Fair took place this week in the Media Center. Students had a chance to preview the books in their ELA class and they were able to purchase books throughout the week. We will have another book fair in February and a Buy one Get one Free fair in May. Thank you for supporting our school and fostering a love of reading with our children!


On Thursday September 23rd, the Clinton Middle School Band will provide students and their parents with the opportunity to rent instruments. This will take place from 4pm until 6pm at the band room. Parents can park either in the lot across North Adair Street from Clinton Middle School or in the area near the tennis courts. The band room is located in the front of Clinton Middle School.


We still need additional parents and community members for our School Improvement Council. If you are interested in serving on the School Improvement Council as a parent or guardian of a Clinton Middle School student, please contact Assistant Principal, Ami Vaughn at


At Clinton Middle School, we feel that cell phones and/or headphones serve as a distraction to the academic and social development of students. Through limiting the use of cell phones and other similar devices in our school, we can increase the number of positive interactions between individuals in our building, promote the value of instructional time, and maintain a safe environment for students.

Students should know the following:

  • Administrators do not investigate the theft or loss of cell phones or other similar devices. Clinton Middle School assumes no responsibility for the loss, damage, or theft of these devices.

  • Students are encouraged not to bring cell phones or other similar devices to school. The unauthorized use of cell phones or other such devices will result in disciplinary action.

Cell phones and other such devices can be used in the following circumstances:

  • Before 8:00am, while a student is in a classroom.

  • After the final dismissal, while a student is in a classroom.

  • When given permission by a school official.

Headphones cannot be worn in the hallways. Headphones can be worn in classrooms only when used for academic purposes as communicated explicitly by the teacher.


Many of our students rely on our district's buses for safe transportation to and from school. It is extremely important that all students follow all school rules when on the bus. All discipline referrals from the bus will be treated as if the behavior happened inside the school building. For example, if a student is involved in a fight or caught vaping while on the bus, they will be suspended from school not just from the bus. The bus and all of the bus stops are considered an extension of the school and all disciplinary actions will be handled accordingly.


Effective immediately, all visitors must wear masks when inside the building.