St Vincent de Paul

The Power to change a life is within us all

About Vinnies

St Vincent de Paul society's 40,000 members and volunteers work hard and they assist people in need and combat social injustice across Australia the society runs in 148 countries and the society has over 950,000 members.

People who are members of this society are the people who live out their faith in action these people do so by visiting people in their homes and they provide support for these people they also provide friendship and material assistance. This is known as home visitation and is carried by local St Vincent de Paul Society conferences. These are basically parish or school based groups of people who respond to the calls for assistance from the people in this local community and they work closely with the society of Vinnies Centres.

Over 150 years the home visitation has been the core of the work that these people of the society have done. And by visiting these people in their homes, The St Vincent de Paul society aims to help the men, women and families to break their cycle of poverty and disadvantage.

The first Australia conference was in Victoria by Fr Gerald Ward at St Francis church in Melbourne on the 5th March 1854 this was just 21 years after the founding of the first conference in paris.

How to Help

By becoming a volunteer you can make difference you can either be a regular volunteer or as a volunteer on a special projects And remember that YOU CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE to those in needs

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