Middle School

Nick Ventura

Worst Years of Middle School

A boy who is new to a school. And his teachers are very mean to him. So him and his friend plays a game between them. The object of the game is to see how mad they get. For how mad they get he gets points. And when they reach a certain amount of points he gets a prize at the end. And so he reaches his goal and beats the game but gets serious consequences. He got suspended.

He has a sister named Georgia who is selfish and getting into his business. And his best friend Leo who helps him with his game at school.

The conflict of the story is the tricks and games he played on the teachers leading to consequences. First he got a lunch detention the he got an actual detention then he got suspended for 3 days. So then him and his teachers figured a solution out to work. The resolution is the teachers and him get along. And that he finished his game so there wont be anymore tricks.