Job description

Skills and qualifications


As an accountant you need to be analytical. You may have to analyze certain discrepancies on a balance sheet or income statement.


Most accountants are detail oriented. Accountants have to compile a lot of figures to construct balance sheets and income statements. Having the ability to compile a lot of information and then interpret the meaning is something an accountant will have to do on a regular basis

Computer skills

Accountants should have good computer skills that they have acquired over the course of their education and professional experience. Most of the work will be performed on a computer.

Math skills

Having good math skills are another skill that an accountant will have to utilize daily. This all goes back to having a love for numbers.

Communication skills

As an accountant you will need excellent communication skills both verbal and written. Sometimes you will be required to communicate with upper management as well as other employees within an organization.

If you want to become an accountant you will need to have a four year degree, Bachelor of Science, in accounting.