Classical Conversations

Midland, TX- Central Community

Dear CC Families,

This week as been monumental in our home. For the last few years Carter has struggled with learning to the point that we have started seeking a diagnosis for dyslexia. This week, I got to see the fruit of our hours and hours of endless (and frustrating!) work. He picked up a new book and read the entire thing cover to cover! I got to see the exact moment where it just clicked and that light bulb came on his his little head. What a marvelous blessing to this momma! This same momma who has many times questioned if his struggles were because I "didn't know how to teach him" or "he needs a professional!" If he were in traditional school, I may have missed that lightbulb moment or I may have given credit to the teacher. Because we are home, I KNOW that Carter is successful because of his (and my!) hard work! I got to witness the miracle of this little mind that God created!! What a wonderful blessing and an opportunity to praise God in the little things. I am so thankful that He guided us in this journey to homeschool. On those days that I want to pull my hair out, I can rest in the knowledge that God has it under control, and on those days when I have tears streaming down my face as my baby is FINALLY reading on his own, I can praise HIM for his abundant blessings!

It's fitting that our quote this week pertain to reading....

In her book, The Core, Leigh Bortins explains,

"Parents have the responsibility to improve their own reading skills and broaden their appetites for reading by bringing books into the home. The best way to improve your child's reading ability is by improving your own. Fortunately, you can deeper your own understanding of literature while helping your child learn to read. Children need to spend time with books in three ways:

1. Being read to from books above their reading level to increase speaking vocabulary.

2. Reading easy books below level in order to master common words.

3. Reading books at a comfortable level to gradually increase the child's reading ability."

Whatever the struggle may be in your own home, I hope you are able to see God in the little things and praise Him in the big things!


Stephanie Edwards

Challenge Connection

In Foundations this week, we are memorizing the Greek and Roman gods. These will come up again in Latin, philosophy, history, and literature, from Milton's Paradise Lost (Challenge II) to ancient literature such as the Iliad, Odyssey and Aeneid (Challenge IV). Children need to be acquainted with these important references and understand their contribution to the big ideas of Western civilization.

Character Trait Awards

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Caden Edwards and Ainslee Porter received the Character Trait Awards for Responsibility.

This week's character trait is Discernment.


On Monday, our presentations are...

ABCs & Apprentices

Recite a Bible Verse

Draw a picture that goes with your favorite Bible verse. Memorize your verse and recite it while showing your picture.

Journeymen & Masters

Recitation: Bible Verse or Passage

Memorize and recite a Bible verse or passage and tell us why it is meaningful to you.

Skill to work on...Volume: Speak with appropriate loudness so your audience can hear you.

Excellence In Education

Friday, Oct. 16th, 11:30am-1pm

901 Midland Drive

Midland, TX

Classical Conversation families are invited to join us in hosting an Excellence In Education event. Invited guests will be prominent member from the local government, churches and businesses. The purpose of this event is to showcase Classical Conversations and homeschooling in general and demonstrate that this is a viable alternative to "traditional education." If you would like your own pastor or other community member invited to this event, please email name and contact info to

Challenge students will read the constitution. Foundations & Essentials students will sing the first 6 weeks of the timeline song as well as The 10 Commandments Song. CC Families will be asked to sign up to bring items for our pot luck lunch. We hope to see you there!

Next Week's Responsibilities

Family Presentation- Lindley

Clean Up Crew- Yellow Team

Recess Duty- Green