Andrew Jackson

The zero of our nation

Forced the Natives off their homeland

While Jackson had a perfectly good amount of land to build a country off of, his selfishness ended up forcing the Cherokee Indians off theirs. The minute gold was found on the beautiful Cherokee nation land, the greed of both Jackson and the settlers caused the Cherokee to have to leave their homeland where they had been living peacefully for hundreds of years. Though the Cherokee made many attempts at treaties and compromises, Jackson would hear nothing of it. When the Cherokee were finally forced to leave along the Trail of Tears, they received nothing that they were promised by the US to make the travel easier like wagons, horses, doctors, and food. Also, once the Cherokee arrived at their new land, they found it was much less fertile and rich and that they would have to completely start over their way of life in the foreign land.

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This political cartoon represents how Jackson hung the possibility of getting a government job over the people during his campaign to get people to vote for him.

Use of the Spoils System

The spoils system is where people who are political supporters of someone during their campaign are guaranteed government position if the person wins. Jackson used this system during his presidency meaning that pretty much anyone who supports me gets a new job! While this got more people involved in politics (both rich and common), the people who ended up getting the government positions weren't always the most qualified and deserving to be there than others. Because the people who were in office by the end of Jackson's first term, it was then easier for him to get re-elected because the people in the higher positions spoke more favorably to the common people about him around the time of the election.

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Abused his presidential power

During Jackson's presidency, in many cases he abused the power that he had as the president of a growing nation. For example, when the Cherokee Indians were being forced off their land, they tried on many cases to make compromises including going to court and explaining why Georgia has no right to force them off their homeland. When the ruling of this case by John Marshall was presented to Jackson in favor of the Indians saying it wasn't fair to make the Indians leave their homeland, Jackson completely ignored it and went on with forcing them out. Also, a part of being a president is that you need to do what is best for the nation as a whole, not for yourself or a part of it. When Jackson laid down the immense tariffs on imported goods from Britain, the South was extremely angry because they relied heavily in imported goods which now weren't affordable. But did Jackson care? No. In fact he threatened to use the US army against South Carolina when they said that there was a problem.

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