SPrEaD the word

Vol. 1 Iss. 15 (06.08.2020) COVID-19 Week 12

Data and Progress Reports

Data Collection

IEP Goals:

Active (and stay put) IEP goals are in place. Special Educators and related service providers are to be providing work/activities that support a focus on the students' goals. We are still working to advance the goals.

Collecting Data Remotely:

Identify priority goals/objectives. Please consider the student's current environment (what is available to them?) We may need to rethink our data sources. What can we use now? While DESE encourages that we collaborate with our families to finds methods they can commit to (yes, asking the family to collect the data), I am well aware that asking our families to collect data will be a tipping point and it may also not be valid.

Ways to track student progress:

  • Checklists/rubrics
  • photos
  • videos
  • parent report
  • student report
  • audio recordings
  • work products
  • observations during synchronous sessions

Use the IAs to assist with this. (They will need direction on what specifically they are looking for.)

DESE did provide tracking resources (see page 24 of the PowerPoint). One of my favorites can be found here. Many of these resources could be great tools for when we return.

Due Dates for Progress Reports

All buildings' progress reports (PK-12) are to reflect the progress through June 12 and they are due June 22nd by 12 noon.

Because we are not in-person, I am asking that all staff writing progress reports do the following:

  • Track completion of Progress reports (see below)
  • Post progress reports
  • Email them directly to families

Clerks will then print and file.

***To assist clerks in ensuring that all progress reports have been completed and emailed to families, I have created a "Progress Report Tracking Document" for each building. Each document contains a separate sheet for each grade level. Case Managers/Liaisons will need to add their students' names and goal areas to the document. On each document and on each sheet, I have included an example. (I know that we have created numerous tracking documents. I appreciate you all entering the required information. I do think these will be helpful for us as we begin to return to the buildings and put student files back together.)

Progress Report Tracking Documents

Language for Progress Reports

Many of you have asked how best to capture and document progress for the final progress report. It is important that you review and base your narrative on the data you have available.

We had been told that DESE was going to provide additional guidance on this topic. However, they have not. Fortunately, our law office provided its member districts with sample language to consider and/or use as a starting point. It is important to document all offers of services and efforts and any hindering factors. I have reviewed the suggestions provided to us. Please use the attached resource to assist you in writing your progress reports.

Individualized Remote Learning Plans

Thank you again for working to meet with the expectation of completing 4-5 per week. Many of you completed all of them in 2 weeks or less! Your hard work is greatly appreciated!

Thank you to Mary, Kristie, Moreen, and Christine for completing the N1s. Thank you to Amanda, Mary, and Wendy for working diligently to email these to families. Thank you to Lynn Isaacson for assisting Kristie with preschool and kindergarten. #teamwork

All IRLPs must be uploaded to Aspen. Per the April 27th edition of "SPrEaD the word," this is to be done by the case manager/liaison. Uploading the IRLPs is done the same way one would upload an evaluation report. I have also included the directions below:

Google Slides Step by Step How to Upload/Download Files to Aspen

Screencastify: Saving the IRLP as a PDF and Uploading to Aspen

All IRLPs are to be uploaded no later than Wednesday, June 10th.

Extended School Year

The Department released guidance on Friday, June 4th, and supplementary guidance (specific to special education summer programming) on Sunday, June 7th. Maintaining the health and safety of our students and staff is our priority. I will be reviewing this guidance and connecting with Angela Avramidis and Paul Halacy, as well as speaking with our Board of Health and School Physician to determine if we are in a responsible place to have any in-person sessions. Until PPE can be secured, we will not be providing any in-person services and will continue with remote learning.

Kristie Barry-Ayres will serve as the ES Director and Peggy Brown will serve as the ESY Clerk. In the coming days, Peggy will continue to attempt to seek a response from families, and Kristie and I will work to group students and assign staff. Due to the number of students and the remote learning situation, we will not need as many instructional assistants as in previous years. Please know that Kristie and I will do our very best to get in touch with staff by the end of the week. It is my hope that the ESY teachers will be able to connect with the current liaison for information to further support students during the continued remote learning. I do realize this is not ideal timing for many reasons. We are doing the best we can.

Summer IRLPs

Yes, you read that correctly. We will need to provide families with an updated IRLP for their student's ESY services. This will need to include the service providers providing and supporting the student during the ESY timeframe.

What does this look like?

  • Here is the list of students who will be participating remotely.
  • ESY IRLPs only need to be developed for those participating in ESY remote learning.
  • Case managers/related service providers will take the current IRLP and make a copy of it.
  • The copy is to be renamed "Student Name ESY IRLP" and shared with Kristie Barry-Ayres.
  • This version will be updated by the ESY teacher.
  • These will not be finalized until we have all staff and groupings finalized, but if we can have them 50% ready, the lift will be much easier for all. What does 50% ready look like: making the copy, renaming it, removing general education teachers' contact information, removing the link to the grade level remote learning plan, and removing the schedule.



THANK YOU for sharing your logs as requested. It is extremely important that you:
  • document all your efforts!
  • be sure you are updating your Service Delivery Log daily.
  • If it isn't documented, it didn't happen!

IEP Meetings

**IEPs should be written as if school is in session. The N1 is to include information pertaining to the remote learning opportunities made available to and engaged in by the student.

IEPs should be completed within the timeframes we normally adhere to.

TO DO LIST for IEP Meetings

DESE Updates