Pretty Ponds That will amaze you

arikah burd ;)

all about ponds

Ponds can be up to thousands of klomitors. Also when plakton die they go to the bottom of the pond or lake. The last fact is that there are more then 250,000 ponds in the united states.I love the ponds becuse i think that they are relly pretty and lakes are the same way.

Abiotic Factors

Abiotic Factors are nonliving. These are some abiotic factors,water, rocks, air, sand and last but not lest dirt!! mrs.Bailey my home room teacher told me that the A in abiotic means air becuse air is not living and there is also biotic and the B in biotic means bear becuse a bear is living.
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This is a diagram that labels all the animals or you could say it labels biotic and abiotic factors.

Pro Produrers Creating Consumers

some prodcers in a pond are algae,cattails, and lilly pads.

some consumers in a pond are baers,fish, and mayfly.

Preadators and prey

  1. mosquito larva eats algae
  2. mayfly also eats algae
  3. haron eat sun fish