South Beach

Diet Plan

How it works

Three easy to follow phases that help you loss wieght and eliminate cravings.

Phase 1~Eliminating sugary foods and refined starches

Phase 2~ Reintroduces whole grains, fruits and other vegetables

Phase 3~ helping you make good food choices and maintaining healthy weight

One Day meal plan

Breakfast~Spiced oatmeal with dried apricots and walnuts with vegetable juice

Mid morining snack~ Spicy Lemon Edamame Beans

Lunch~Spice rubbed chicken fingers with cilantro dipping sauce and festive five veggies slaw with non-fat milk

Mid afternoon snack~ Nut Butter Boats

Dinner~grilled chicken salad with savory Asian Plum sauce with Vietnamese- style vegetables with rice noodles with water to drink

Desert~Chilled Espresso Custard