Mrs. Baker's Class Newsletter

September 29th

What is going on?

Writing: Students will begin expository writing. We will discuss purpose, research, trusted sources, and non-fiction features. We will learn to answer questions as we research an animal and write an All-About Book.

Spelling Words this week: been, come, other, than, their, which, would, house

Reading: We will continue using background knowledge and text clues to infer while we are reading our just right books. Inferring helps us to think deeply about our texts.

Math: This week we will continue mental math strategies to get kids thinking about math! Learners will be encouraged to think about mentally making groups of ten when adding and subtracting larger numbers. We will combine our learning with application to an open number line to solve problems.

Science: This week we are doing several experiments, exploring the effects of heating and cooling (solids & liquids).

Science Supplies needed: We need one bar of Ivory soap. (it has to be Ivory brand) You better buy one for home too! The kids will show you a very cool experiment with it. If you can donate please let me know!

Sept. 30th School Pictures and Game Day- bring in a board game or card game-

Oct. 5-6th Olsat Testing

Oct. 6th Book Orders Due

Oct. 4-6th Flu Shot Clinic-paperwork needs to be filled out and returned to school.

Oct- 10th Conference Day

Treasure box

Treasure box items needed:

As you can imagine, it is a big deal in second grade. I need all types of motivation! If you would please consider making a donation! It will be greatly appreciated!




Happy Meal type prizes-

Oriental Trading doo dads-

Gel Pens-

Pencil Sharpeners-

Have a good weekend!