May 23 - 27


May 25: Reading

May 26: Math

Get a good nights sleep, eat a good breakfast, come to school with a fully charged iPad, and prepare to do GREAT!

Other Important Dates

May 27: EOG makeup for Reading and Math
May 30: Memorial Day: NO SCHOOL
May 31: Social Studies Exam
June 1: Science EOG
June 3: Field Day
June 8: Last day of school!

Donations Reminder

We are still in need of white T-shirts. If you are able to, please send in white t-shirts for the End of the Year surprise!

This Week's Learning Topics


I can use different strategies to comprehend a text.

All Informational standards as a review

R.I.5.1, R.I.5.2, R.I.5.3, R.I.5.4, R.I.5.5

R.I.5.6, R.I.5.7, R.I.5.8, R.I.5.9, R.I.5.10


I can review previously taught material.

  • Base Ten

  • All standards with real life word problems

  • Fraction

  • Operations with Decimals


I can review previously taught material.