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By Mary Strauss

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Are you tired of boring short vacations? well come to us and we got you covered! We have vacations with endless fun! Like one week at the beautiful Japan in Kyoto! Where you can travel to the breath taking temples or have a evening walk through some of the worlds most amazing scenery. Maybe your more of a beach person? Well then you would love a long vacation to the Bahamas! Where you can sit at the beautiful pink sand beach as the waves wash to shore while drinking a freshly made drink. We have all of that and beyond! Some of our previous big name customers are The sons of Liberty, and most of the actors from the hit series Law and Order. They loved their vacation and so will you!
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What makes us the best?

Now you may be wondering what makes us different from the many other competing travel agencies. We are much different because not only do we cost less we give you more! You will get 4 meals, 1 snack, and 2 luxury drinks a day on us! We also offer the best activities for your own personalized vacation. So sit back and relax, planning a perfect vacation should not be stressful! so with us it wont ever be.

Ms Lutkenhaus,Bahamas!

Why It's best for you!

The Bahamas is the best vacation that is fit for you! This is a very romantic place for you and your husband to go and enjoy yourselves at. The beautiful beaches are known for their amazing pink sand which screams romance. You can take walks on the shore and find the most amazing seashells on a low-tide shore!

All the activities available on and off the beach will keep you busy that you will completely forget about your work on this stress free vacation! The beaches at the Bahamas also normally have pretty warm weather for you to study hurricanes all you want!

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When you leave

We have you set off to leave June 1st and coming back on June 15th for your personal best experience. Your first week there you can enjoy long walks in a dark beach just as you wished with a New moon that doesn't shine any light. The second week you can enjoy the low tides while the moon is at first quarter so you can gather as many wonderful seashells as you wish.

Additional information

Moon Phase(s): New moon - First Quarter moon.

Tide: First week spring tides because of new moon, second week Neap tides because of first quarter moon.

Season: Summer

Weather: Sunny with a small breeze

Mr. Little, Bora Bora!

Why its best for you!

Bora Bora is filled with amazing sights and beautiful beaches! You can spend your days and nights at a hot beach, its always warm due to its small volcanoes. You can swim in the night with a full moon to light the way and scuba dive to your hearts continent! You can relax as the water level is high at spring tides and tan under the sun on the longest day of the year! Everything you could possibly want Bora Bora has it for you!
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When you leave

You will be leaving June 19 and coming back on June 26. We have picked this date for you personally so you can have enough time to do everything you want. That along with give you a chance to be out on the beach under the sun on June 21st the longest day of the year just as you wanted!

Additional information

Moon Phase: Full Moon

Tide: spring tides

Season: Summer

Weather: warm and sunny

Coach Wilson, South Beach, Miami

Why its best for you!

South beach is the best beach possible just for you! You can enjoy a week of it all on spring break! Its best known for its amazing activities you can do on the beach with all kinds of sports to play with friends. They even have a sandcastle building contest! There are plenty of people there to check out your amazing athletic abilities and popular music plays all the time though the beach making it very likely you will be able to jam out to some Taylor Swift.
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When you leave!

You will be leaving on spring break just as you wanted and you can enjoy the wonderful spring showers you asked for everything as well! The exact dates are March 14th and you come back on March 22 so that Saturday so you can still get ready for your next day of class on Sunday for Monday.

Additional information

Moon Phase: first quarter to full moon

Tide: neap to spring tides

Season: spring

Weather: warm and rainy

Mr Jones, Miyako Island Japan

Why its best for you!

This is the best possible vacation just for you! At this beautiful island in Japan children are not very common so you will be free from kids your whole vacation! The beach is common for finding interesting shiny things in the sand so you can break out the metal detector of yours! In Japan winters are very cold and that is the best time for you to go so you can enjoy polar plunges and making snow angles on the beach as snow falls!
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When you leave!

we have picked the best possible time for you to leave to enjoy your perfect desired vacation. We have you leaving January 24th and coming back on the 30th for as much time possible of fun. you will enjoy the beautiful crescent moon starting on the 29th just as you want!

Additional information

Moon Phase(s): Waning gibbous- first quarter- waning crecent

Tide: spring tide to Neap Tide

Season: Winter

Weather: cold and snowy


Alois Trancy

Rating: Five Stars

So at first I was suspicious of Neko Neko traveling agency being they promised me the perfect vacation I could imagine. But they proved my doubts wrong and very quickly as well. I am a very wealthy man here in England so it would be hard to to impress me but Neko Neko did a amazing job at doing just that.
They sent me to Korea and had me travel around leaning about the amazing culture and going to the beautiful gardens which I asked for exactly. The sights I saw were more then I could have ever imagined I would be able to see., and not that I need to worry about money but they were fairly priced as well.

In the end I was very happy with my experience with Neko neko travel agency and I highly suggest it to anyone who wants a well priced amazing vacation they will remember for years.

Kenjirou Tateyama

Rating: Five stars

I am a father of 4 children. One teen girl and three 8 year old's. Not only that but I'm also a single father making vacations for me extremely rare. Being a teacher at the high school, near by I'm always too busy to take a break anyways but last year my daughter surprised me with a two week long vacation with Neko Neko travel agency.

They brought me to a beach where I could relax all day for the first time in 15 years. I got treated like royalty by the amazing staff at the hotel I stayed at and always seemed to get special treatment. This was all thanks the Neko Neko for planning such a memorable vacation for me.

Even now I feel relaxed and remember the feeling of everything on that vacation, it was the most amazing place I have ever been and I was able to do many activities to explore the underwater life as I have always wanted to do.
I would use Neko Neko travel agency for every vacation I would want my life and I am planning to use them again soon. Thank you for such an amazing experience Neko neko travel agency!

Hanji Zoe

Rating: Five stars

I'm a lone woman looking through the world all on my own, I have a good job and work as a scientist on the human body and how it works. You would think I dont have time to take a vacation but everyone needs one every now and then, including myself!

The perfect vacation for me was simple I wanted to explore about different cultures and see if it effects the way their human body and minds are differently from where I am from. Of course you could say I was still working but it didnt feel like work at all!

In the end I loved Neko Neko travel agency and would say to anyone who wants a stress free vacation use them because they know exactly what they are doing!

Katsuki Shima

Rating: Five Stars

Hello people of the world! I am Katsuki Shima! I would just like to say I used Neko Neko travel agency when I was 15 to visit America during high school and that will be a memory I wont ever forget!

I went their for educational purposes not for a vacation but it was just as much of a vacation for me. the provided me with a English language class and thats how I'm able to speak to you all now!

I got to live the life of a American high school student for 3 months before going home and man did I love those three months. I am now 21 and preparing to move to America to run a business of my own there but I felt I needed to take the time and explain how much Neko Neko changed my live with their education travel program!

I say anyone with children should use this to show them the world at a early age! Neko Neko did the best thing anyone could for me so thank you!

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Our Awards

Quality Award

This award is given to agencies that show great quality in their work,

We of course got this award easily from our amazing quality and effort in all of our vacations we plan!

We have won this award for the past five years in counting, for sure the best quality agency out there.

Service Award

This award if given out to any company that shows to have exceptional service including customer service and work service as a whole.

We of course are number one in this area being wee love our customers as much as they love us being they keep us in business. But of course that isn't the point.

Creativity Award

This award is given out to agencies that show marvelous creativity in their vacations and activie planning.

Of course we wing this being we does everything perfect like planning out what week you should go based off of the lunar cycle. What other travel agency does that but us? Clearly making us the leading agency in the world.

Mary Strauss

I myself made this agency with dream and image of the perfect travel agency, just look how far we have come!
We want you the customer to enjoy your life to the fullest going to places you have dreamed about. We are not only a vacation agency but we take pride in making dreams come true for people around the world.

Its important for the youth of the world not to only know of what is in their country, they need to explore and learn about the world .

We not only do vacations but wee have a education plan as well to help young people of the world explore and experience the whole world for what it really is, not only what we know.

One day I hope we all understand that even though we the humanity of the earth are separated into countries we realize that we all live in one place together as a whole. That is the reason I made this company and I will continue to fulfill that hope until I day. Thank you and have a marvelous day

Now sit back Listen to the Music and Look at all the beautiful places you could go to with us

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