Mrs. Hoepner

She's a teacher!

Breaking News!

Mrs. Laurie Hoepner endeavored to complete the requirements for a Master of Arts in Teaching. She worked diligently and is now qualified to be a high school biology teacher. She will be coming to a school near you!



She loves to learn and does it everyday.

She wants to instill this love of learning in her students.

What she doesn't know or understand, she researches and uses her resources to seek out the answer.

She has an abundance of professional development under her belt and is always excited for the next professional development opportunity.

She is excellent at writing lesson plans and thinks about how to make them exciting and interesting for her students.

She enjoys working with the new science standards. They give her a concise focus for high quality unit and lesson plans.

She relates well to students, loves working with them, and they love her back!

Everyday in the classroom, she gains confidence in her abilities.

She's a great role model and your children will benefit from her teaching.