Hurry To Athens!

There Is Not Much Time Left! So hurry over for this offer!

The Persians burned Athens to the ground! But we made it better than ever!

Friday, April 11th, 9:30am

Athens, Kentrikos Tomeas Athinon, Greece

Athens, Attica

Come to the new city of Athens as the people celebrate their new city!

The time to come to this event is nigh

New theatre! We now have a NEW THEATRE the Theatre of Dionysus is complete and it only takes one trip to see it! For only a short time you may see the comidies and tragedies of Ancient Greece!


Adults: $5

Children: FREE

Athens is top notch in medicine and was the home to the Father Of Medicine and Science!

That is right the person who went against their belief and said people got sick because of illness and not because the gods were mad at the people lived in the city Athens doctors know about the human body and knows about the dangerous diseases.

We have the top of the line sports and excersise equipment!

We have hosted the Olympics and have sports such as wrestling, boxing, and running.

Please be advised women can not go into the arena and there is some nudity in the games. Although the sports have changed the competition is still a fun part.


When you come into this shopping center you will be welcomed as if you were at home. Be welcomed as you look at history that has already been watched and preserved!

We Want You, to Come To Athens!

The most important place in history