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Syria became independent country in 1946. Oil is Syria's main export to other countries. Syrian fabris have been loved since ancient times. Syria has vast desert. It was found on April 17, 1946.


Berbers are coming they are coming I tell you it maybe far, but I heard about them coming. Everyone run " Wait what are we running from again Berbers Oh yeah" awwwwwwww. Reporting to you live here is some information. They are people first known to live in north Africa.
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There is some canal problems in Syria. Turkey is taking over Syria just kidding calm down they just cut off the Euphrates dam. Does this mean war? What do you think should there be a war on water and irrigation. Also hydroelectric power. Did I forget to mention that Syrian government made dams on the Euphrates.
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Syria Roadtrip

We have headed down to the Aswan Dam. There is some good things about this dam. It controls flood water and it is the largest dam. It can store flood water from the Nile River. It is also bad because it blocks silt from the farmers. Prevents less fresh water to flow through.
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In Syria they need silt because their main economic is agriculture. If Syria didn't have silt you might want to go jump off a bridge anywho. They need it to grow cotton, wheat,and fruit. I advise you not to go north or south because there is mountains. Also live near coastal areas better soil.
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They are here we have been looking for them forever. We have had ancient studies for over ten thousand years. Biologists say that they are nomadic desert people of southwest Asia.

Here lies the first baby Bedouin laying buried under the sand. Their lives are very different.

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