I V.S Me

By: Bailee Paxton and Mackenzie Seace

I v.s Me Issue

The number one problem people come across in speech or in writing, is that they misuse 'I' and 'Me'. They don't know the basic principles of grammar so they misuse and are ignorant to the subject. They most commonly confuse the two when applying them to speech or writing.

How to use "and I" in a sentence

"And I" is used in the beginning of the statement. The easiest way to use "and I" is to remove the other noun (or person) from the sentence and see if it still makes sense. So look at the sentence below and remove the noun to see if it still makes sense:

-Jim and I were swimming in the ocean, when a great white bit my leg off.

If you take away Jim you would have the following sentence:

-I was swimming in the ocean, when a great white bit my leg off.

Here's an example of "and I" being misused:

-My parents saw Jim and I bleeding from the shark bite.

If you read it without the noun, it would sound like this:

-My parents saw I bleeding from the shark bite.

That is how you use/misuse "and I".

Using "and me" in a sentence

"And me" can never start in the beginning. If you put, Me, in the beginning of your sentence that is one way to tell that you are wrong. So let's start of with a wrong sentence.

- Scooby-Doo and me went to Walmart to solve some crimes.

You remember when I told you that if you are not sure about a sentence, then you should take the noun out to see if it makes sense? Well that same thing applies here. By taking the noun out, the sentence above would look like this.

-Me went to Walmart to solve some crimes.

That doesn't work, you could say I went to Walmart but we aren't talking about "and I" anymore. To fix this sentence you could say something like:

-Walmart had some crimes for Scooby-Doo and me to solve.

Now it would sound like:

-Walmart had some crimes for me to solve.

So that is how you correctly use/misuse "and me"

Practice Questions

So now that you have read and understood the grammar principles of "and me" and "and I" you can try these practice questions. On each sentence, decide if is right or wrong.

1. Can Thomas and me leave?

2. Meredith and I got called into an emergency surgery.

3. Your mother called, can Ashley and me eat lunch with her?

4. Derek and I go fishing for trout every morning.

5. Jack and I are very skilled at karate.

6. PJ and I were up in my family's treehouse.

7. Katniss invited Brady Ellison and me to an archery shoot.

8. Serena Williams and me played a quick game of tennis.

9. Uriah and I went ziplining with Tris.

10. Chase Utley and me went to the baseball field and had a catch.

Silly Sentences with Pictures

Silly Sentences with Pictures

Bob and I baked blackberry baguettes for the blue, benevolent baboons.

Silly Sentences with pictures

Silly Sentences with Pictures

Joe told Jana and me to joyfully jump for the jolly, german jaguars.

Silly Sentences with Pictures

Sally told Sue and me to sell sparkly, silver sombreros to scarlet skunks.

Silly Sentences with Pictures

Melanie and I merrily munched on munchies in Madagascar.