Walt Disney

By: Maya Hess


Walt Disney was born Dec 5, 1901. He married Lillian Bounds. In 1966 he passed away because of lung cancer. In 1922 his brother and him started the Disney industry. His first colored film was Snow White and his last was Winnie the Pooh. He was 65 when he died.
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Disney Company

He created many other companies like the Disney company, Laugh a gram studios and many more. He was also m any things such as an euntrapenur, voice actor, animatior, and film producer. After he passed Disney bought many companies o make Disney even more successful. Like Pixar, lucas films, marvel, and many other.


Disney net worth as of 2010 is 36 billion dollars! The stock price is 104.86. The Disney headquarters are in California. The Disney company was founded in 1923. The founders are Walt and Roy Disney. The CEO of Disney is Bob Iger. If you are planning to go to Disney World than you better save up. It can cut up to 800$ per person for a week!


Walt Disney has really changed the world in many ways. He revolutionized animaton. Dared people to dream in chaotic time. He told people to do the impossible. He made the first animated movie. He has really changed the world of movies and people forever.


It is kind of fun to do the impossible

That's the problem with the world most people grow up

Whatever you do, do it well

All of our dreams can come true, if you have the courage to persue them