Flowers for Algernon

By: Maggie Buhr and Kennedy Howard


Flowers for Algernon is in first person. We know because Charlie, the main character, is telling the story.
Flowers for Algernon by Daniel Keyes (Review) - Minute Book Report


The book Flowers for Algernon was about a man named Charlie that had a mental disability. He was the first human being to get this surgery. Charlie met a mouse named Algernon who had the surgery he was going to get. Algernon and Charlie became best friends. And in the end Algernon dies.

Literary Devices

Simile: "He was very nice and talked slow like Miss Kinnian does and he explained it to me that it was a Rorschach test."

Hyperbole" "I was scared to death of ink blots."

Simile: " You're like a giant sponge"


We thought this book was interesting. It had many places in it that were confusing but other than that the story was very well told. We liked how the story was from Charlie's point of view. We also liked getting to read his progress reports and get to see how he was acting and feeling.