Andrew Jackson

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Indian Removal Act

The Indian removal act was a bill signed by Jackson that made the Indians move west of the Mississippi. They were relocated in Oklahoma. While the Indians were being pushed west a lot of them died during a harsh winter. Jackson disagreed with congress, he wanted the Indians to be moved.
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Battle of New Orleans

Andrew Jackson was the major general who lead the army to victory. While he was in New Orleans he ordered that every weapon and man to come and fight. After the US army won the battle, Andrew Jackson was rewarded. This victory made him a hero for the common folk which helped hi get elected later.
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Nullification crisis

While Jackson was president two tariffs were passed, tariff of 1828 and tariff of 1832. When this happened the south got upset and South Carolina threatened to secede. In response to this Jackson threatened to bring in the army and make them pay. To resolve this crisis they decided to lower the tariff and South Carolina agreed to pay.
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Political Cartoon

In this cartoon the artist is trying to say that Andrew Jackson acted more like a king then a president. In the cartoon he is stepping on the US Constitution and is holding his veto power.
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I don't like Andrew Jackson because he made me and my tribe move west of the Mississippi. Even though congress said that we could stay, Jackson made us move. While we where being pushed west a bunch of my tribe died during a harsh winter. When we got west of the Mississippi we had to build our homes and farms in Oklahoma.


Andrew Jackson is amazing! He helped us win the battle on New Orleans with his smart command to have every man and weapon come and help us fight. The British Army was going to do a surprise attack on us but Andrew Jackson heard what the British Army was going to do and ordered us to go to New Orleans. When we won the war Andrew Jackson was rewarded and became a hero for me and my peers, so we are going to help him get elected.