GAVS Course Update

Mrs. Brumbelow

Final Exams

All GAVS students will take a final exam in their courses. The finals are given on Wednesday, December 3rd and Thursday, December 4th. Students must take their finals on one of these two days. There are no exceptions. Final exams are 20% of the students' overall average.

Students will complete the final exam on the computer like any other quiz. They will have 90 minutes to complete the final, so it may be better to complete this at home if they are taking this course at school during a 60 minute block of time.

My American Literature AB public school students will complete the Georgia Milestone Test at their school. This was formally known as the EOCT. Students must pass the Georgia Milestone Test in order to receive credit for American Literature. However, the test will not factor into their average. They are still responsible for completing the final exam in our course.

Let me know if you have any questions!


The last day to submit assignments is Tuesday, December 2nd. No assignments will be accepted for credit after this deadline. The last assignment due date is the Friday before Thanksgiving. Students who submit work during Thanksgiving Break will receive a 10% late deduction. Work submitted Monday, December 1st is 10% off. Work submitted Tuesday, December 2nd will be 20% off. No work will be accepted after that.

Thanksgiving Break

November 23rd - November 27th

Please keep in mind that no work is assigned over Thanksgiving Break. Students have this week off. Teachers also have this week off, so we will not be responding to emails during this time or grading assignments.
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Please make sure you are aware of your child's average in his/her GAVS courses. We don't want any surprises at the end of the semester. You may login with your parent auditor account to view an average that is updated every Wednesday. For more detailed information, please login with your child's account information. This will allow you to see specific grade and assignment information. Plus, the average is updated daily within the course.