Classroom Management

Shaquayah, Gebilet, Fatima, Anna-Kate


We will be engaging the class with a few different activities to break the ice such as "Q&A bingo" and "the rules of engagement" to get everyone involved in the importance of good classroom management.

Classroom management is a term used by teachers to describe the process of ensuring that classroom lessons run smoothly despite disruptive behavior by students.

Creating an environment for all learners. Managing classroom time to help children achieve learning goals, enabling children to develop socially acceptable behaviors, how to develop positive attitudes learning.


We have a video of what bad classroom management would look like and we encourage the class to find some of the things that this teacher did that were wrong.

  • Discuss what qualities made this bad classroom management and what can be done to improve classroom management in this situation.

The most effective teachers rely on modeling more than other strategy because showing students what you expect is more meaningful than telling them what to do.


This encourages interaction between students and faculty, interaction and collaboration between students, using active learning techniques.

  • Divide into two groups and have them list examples of things teachers should and should not do to gain control of the classroom.
  • Divide into three groups, by grade level (elementary, middle and high school). One person acts as the teacher; the teacher will then be given a short lesson to teach to their students, (which will be the rest of the members of the group). Each teacher will be given a minute to look over their lesson plan, then will have five minutes to teach the lesson. After the five minutes are up, the students will evaluate their teacher. This gives everyone the chance to be put on the spot and it will give each person the opportunity to see how it will be to handle different situations from different points of view.


Closing: What did the class take away from our lesson and what are some ways they can maintain good classroom management throughout the year in their classroom.

Q&A Bingo: We will be testing what you learned from our lesson by asking questions over the material and having the class answer the questions by placing their bingo markers on the correct answers.