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By: Shriya Mukkavilli

More Africans have access to cell phone service than piped water

A study done by the Afrobarometer has shown that almost 93% of the African population has access to cell phones, but less than half the people live in areas without paved roads, 30% of the population has access to sewage, and only 63% have access to piped water. According to Winnie Mitullah, lead author of the study, “In a lot of communities all over Africa, people can talk on their cell phones, but they can't turn on a light or a water faucet. Never mind flush a toilet. And they may be going hungry.” Mauritius,Egypt,and Algeria are in the top countries for infrastructure in Africa. This is important because it shows how big of a gap there is between urbanized cities compared to rural farms in Africa. This affects the people of Africa and it affects them by not giving them something that can protect against lethal diseases and increase the sanitation level and decrease the death rate in the underdeveloped and developing countries. Instead, almost all of the population has something people have been living without for centuries. In my opinion, I think this story is very intriguing. I think it shows the priorities of Africa’s urban government. I think that the African government should work on expanding their resources so that not only will all the parts of Africa have piped water, plumbing,and sewage, they should allow it so that the farmers can afford and be able to have cell phones with service.