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Sunday, December 19, 2021

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12/20-1/3 -- Winter Recess

Wishing you a wonderful season and a nice holiday break. See you in 2022!

Please remember if families are traveling out of the country, the CDC has instituted required testing before air travel back to the U.S. They will test in the other country to be able to fly back to U.S. We require this testing for students prior to returning to school on January 3, 2022.

Phamatec will be open for appointments during the winter school break should families have COVID symptoms or be exposed to individuals with COVID. Please schedule appointments through the PUSD portal link

PTA Winter Reading Challenge

Be on the lookout next week for the PTA Winter Reading Challenge flyer that will be coming home with your student(s). Color in a snowflake for every 20 minutes of reading or being read to over the break. Students may turn in flyers to the front office after break to pick a prize from our treasure box! Thank you PV families for keeping our kiddos reading! Have a happy and safe break Penguin Families!

Tips for Finding Lost Library Books

If your child misplaces their school library book, don’t panic! Most items turn up eventually, but we need the family’s help to get the items back. Please follow these steps.

Step 1: Email me and the classroom teacher to let us know that you are looking for the item. My email address is

Step 2: Search in these common hiding places. It may also be helpful to search the Internet for a picture of the book cover so you know what it looks like.

  • In the student’s desk, under all of the other stuff
  • On the classroom library shelf (look for the library spine labels on our copy)
  • In the bookshelves at home (look for the library spine labels on our copy)
  • At the public library (If you return a Park Village book to the public library, they don’t inform or return it to us. Please stop by the public library and ask them if they have it.)
  • Under the bed or couch
  • Between a bed and the wall
  • In the student’s closet
  • At a friend or relative’s house
  • In the car
  • In another backpack or bag
  • At ESS (ask the ESS staff to search)

If you have searched diligently and the item is not found, parents are responsible for paying the replacement cost. I will email a bill if books items have been overdue for 21 days or more. Please send cash or a check made out to “PVES” for the amount shown. Do not try to replace the book yourself. No money is owed if you find and return the book in good condition. If you find a lost book after paying for it, you child can either keep it, or return it to school. Refunds are given if the book if found during the same school year.

Thank you! – Mrs. Fleming, Park Village Librarian

5 Holiday Stress Busters for Kids

By Charlotte Reznick, PhD

Although holiday time means presents and no school for most American kids, it can also be a stressful time—particularly in families facing financial challenges, in split or blended families, and in families where a loved one has recently passed away.

One of the first steps for parents is to realize how much stress kids are under – much of it related to the economy and school. The American Psychological Association's recent Stress in America survey found that while 45 percent of teens and 26 percent of tweens said they were under more stress this year, less than a third of parents even noticed their kids' increased worry.

And their worry is affecting the quality of their lives: 42 percent of teens and 30 percent of tweens report headaches; 49 percent of teens and 39 percent of tweens cite difficulty sleeping; 39 percent of teens and 27 percent of tweens say they eat too much or too little.

Here are 5 simple holiday stress-reducing strategies that can make a difference.

1. Visualize a heart-filled holiday. You can do this one at the dinner table. Have everyone in the family close their eyes, focus on their heart, and imagine what kind of holiday will bring joy into their heart. Then share your ideas around the table. This helps kids feel listened to, cared for, and included.

2. Give the gift of calmness. Ancient wisdom and modern research point to the calming effects and health benefits of slow, deep breathing. Make a regular practice of taking 1 to 5 minutes each day of relaxing “balloon breathing.” Breathe in to a count of 3 about 2 inches below the navel, imagining there’s a balloon filling up with air, and out to that same slow count. It’ll center and rebalance every family member to face the joys and inevitable disappointments of the holiday season.

3. Offer distress a voice. If this is your child's the first holiday without a loved one--grandpa passed away, or big sister is in Afghanistan--younger family members may feel a deep sense of loss. Or maybe your child is feeling the stress of a recent divorce. Give her paper and markers, and ask her to draw whatever is making her sad or mad. Then ask her what the picture wants to say out loud. Often, putting a face on an emotion and letting it "speak" makes the child feel better--and gives the parent a way to understand what's going on.

4. Sweat is sweet. Kids (and adults) can get all pent up during holiday time. Surprise little ones by clearing the furniture out of the center of the room, turning on some fun music, and dancing vigorously for 10 minutes. Or bundle up the family and take a wintry walk while playing "I Spy." Exercise releases feel-good chemicals and is one of the fastest ways to chase away holiday blahs and instill a sense of togetherness.

5. Blow out negativity, light up hope. Create a family ritual of hope. Have two candles for each family member: one lit, one not. Have each imagine what they'd like to let go of -- what no longer serves them -- and say, "I'm going to toss this out (anger, worry, meanness to my sister) when I blow this candle out." Then light a new candle and share, "I hope to bring in (kindness, faith, cleaning my room) as I light anew." Let go of the old and bring in the new. You can use one candle to symbolize all, or light up your whole home with several.

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Spirit Wear

Orders placed will be delivered to the classrooms in January. If you have any questions, please email
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