Tyler Smith

Napoleon's character analysis

For napoleon the first trait would be he's mean because in the story he chased snowball off with dogs. His second trait id he's cruel because he executed animals that were of no use to him. Napoleon is trying to power over the farm because he had them sing a new song called "Comrade Napoleon". This tells you that his ego is so big he thinks he's better than everyone else.

Power corrupts

when napoleon took power after snowball vanished he went crazy. He thought he over ruled everyone on the farm.when he thought that an animal was not going to be able to help around the farm or was talking behind his back. Then that animal was executed for the crime or decision that the animal has made.


the battle sparked the revolution in animal farm. Snowball lead the animals into battle, where they fought off Jones for the last time. the event was huge because it showed animal farm didn't have just a whole bunch of mindless animals.

Stalin = Napoleon

I think Napoleon and Stalin are the same because they both tortured their people badly. Also they both cowered away during rough times in their life.