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A Little About Cory and Bobsleigh

You would think there's nothing to do in the house but, drink hot chocolate and watch television. Ever heard of Bobsleigh? Bobsleigh is a winter sport invented by the Swiss in the late 1860s. During Bobsleigh races, you are racing down narrow, twisted, banked, iced tracks in a gravity powered sled. Cory Butner is very familiar with this sport though. Cory Butner is an All American athlete who Bobsleighs for America! He has won Two World Cup medals in Lake Placid and one in Park City and believe, Cory is the driver. He has won only one medal in the World Cup tour. If you need more information, click here.

Why Does Cory Like Bobsleigh So Much?

How Did It All Happen?

In 2007, Cory Butner was selected for a recruiting camp in Lake Placid, NY. He clashed as a push athlete for a couple seasons, and gave a hand to Napier to the 2009 National Championship Title. In the 2009-10 season, Butner went from a pusher to a driver and battled his teammate Nick Cunningham for the 2012 America's Cup Title. Cory then surfaced as one of the nation's top drivers. SOURCES

What It Takes To Be An Olympian?

As of now, the world's eyes are glued on their television because the Olympics are on. About 2,500 athletes around the world are bobsledding, skating, ski and slide their way toward an Olympic medal in Sochi. If you are dedicated at being a hard worker, and have pure athletic ability then you have what it takes to be an Olympian! You have to train to a certain extent! You have to eat very healthy to stay in shape and also had to get the correct amount of sleep for the next big day ahead of you. All it takes is about three times a week and you're fine. You also have family who can push you to be an Olympian. Moms and dads have no sacrifice of raising an Olympian. Their parents keeps the athlete focused, committed, and tough but physically and mentally. The main piece of being an Olympian is, loving what you do, being a team player, and also being good at what you do as well. Not just anyone can be an Olympian athlete. Those who have reached their goal have a common mindset that goes above and beyond that the average person or athlete goes. Pick your own dream and go as far as you can with it. Almost every athlete starts at a young age with their sport. They found out that they were passionate about it, also very good at it, and then began to put in time.

The First Ever Bobsleigh Track!

St. Moritz Bobsleigh Track, Switzerland

Cool Runnings 2???

Have you ever seen Cool Runnings the movie starring Derice Bannock, Sanka Coffie and Junior Bevil? Has to be one of the funniest movies ever! But the real topic is that this year's Olympic was kind of like Cool Runnings. This year in the Olympics, The Jamaicans are back in action!

History of Bobsleigh Racing

Bobsled racing kicked off big as an activity for the rich and adventurous who came together at mountain resorts for competitions and parties! Training didn't exist at a time. Racers would just rent a sled, take a few runs and take off,

Love & Support From Cory's Parents

What would you do without your support from your parents? Honestly. Your parents are the reason for everything good that has happened to you. Without them nothing would have happened. Be happy that God has blessed your parents and for them to bless you. Parents makes sure you stay focused and committed to your passion.


This was Cory's first World Cup Race! This competition was in Lake Placid,NY. Cory and Berkeley placed 2nd, 60 sec behind Holcomb.
Cory Butner takes 2nd in 2Man at Lake Placid - Universal Sports


Team USA entered the 2014 Olympics having not won a medal in the 2-man bobsled competition since the 1952 Oslo games, but Steve Holcomb piloted the team to victory!
Sochi Olympics: US Takes Bronze in Two Man Bobsled

Even The Public Knows Hes One of The Best!!

Butner top American in Sochi bobsled - Universal Sports

The Passion Is Real

Here is a promo of Cory Butner expressing and his dream and passion of being a gold medalist. He shows what he does best in a short, couple of clips.
Cory Butner Bobsled Sponsorship Promo