Hunter River High School

Term 3 Week 3/4 Literacy Focus

Writing Structure

This week we are back to focusing on Compound sentences, building upon the skills we worked on last week (and semester) of simple sentences. Remember two simple sentences joined together by a comma or a conjunction!

Reading Strategy

For the first part of this term we are focusing on the concept of Monitoring. Monitoring is about students being able to monitor thought processes and check for understanding as they read.


The coding strategy is designed to encourage students to monitor their own understanding of text as it is being read in class. As students read they are encouraged to mark using the symbols below which then form a the basis of a discussion to highlight the whole class understanding of the text. The teacher can help explain sections that student's 'don't understand' or can help highlight the important information and link to bigger picture issues of the topic. This is a really easy strategy that can be implemented without any additional resources and is easy to integrate into the classroom.

Grammar and Punctuation

This fortnight we are focusing on colons and semicolons. Remember a colon is used to introduce further information and a semicolon is used to separate two equal and balanced parts of a sentence.